The cost-effective inspection for your control system

ADS van STIGT introduces CHECK YOUR CONTROLS: A complete inspection package with an extensive system check including a functional test run and inspection report.This professional check delivers a good impression of the control system condition, and helps to ensure the optimal functionality of this crucial equipment.

We are a trusted factory acknowledged representative. This means we know the system in and out, only use new original spare parts and have direct access to factory information and current knowledge.

per control system

What do you get for your money?

One of our service engineers will extensively test your control system and will perform a complete system check. After completing the test a report is made which describes the condition of the system, and where required a service/maintenance advise is provided. In case of urgently required repairs or measures our service engineer will inform the crew immediately.

Why you really need to do this!

You make sure you know the condition of your control system. Often the engines and the reversing gear will get their fair share of maintenance, but the control system is often forgotten. The control system is a crucial and integral part of the propulsion system, and nothing goes without it, be it manoeuvring or straight ahead navigation. Keeping the control system in an optimum condition is a key element in keeping the show on the road. Prevent down time, and go for optimal reliability by having the system checked and maintained where needed on an annual basis. Added advantage is the creation of a proper maintenance record, which might prove very valuable when selling your vessel or with possible insurance matters.

Wat is included in the inspection?

System check

  • Inspection of all mechanical connections
  • Inspection of all electrical connections
  • Inspection of moving parts on functioning and wear
  • Assessment and registration of processor parameters
  • Assessment of possible system modifications
  • Reporting risky situations and when possible rectifying these after consultation

Functional test

  • Run a number of tests to access the proper functioning of the system
  • Establishing the safety and reliability of the system.


  • Notification of problems or deviations directly to the crew
  • Compiling a report
  • Where necessary a maintenance advice is provided

Cost for this annual inspection

The inspection fee is €180  excluding VAT for each control. For a twin screw installation the fee is €280  excluding VAT Travel and accommodation costs for inspections outside Gorinchem are extra.

Have you made all your checks?

Check Your Controls


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Disclaimer: We reserve the right to amend the information contained in this publication. The above prices can be subject to annual adjustments.
The prices shown are valid for 2024 only. ADS van STIGT reserves the right to discontinue the above offer(s) without prior notification.
The offer does not apply to current malfunctions or repairs.